Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

contoh short message

Short Message is a message that made ​​briefly to convey something to others that the person is doing or not doing something. This short message is usually we make because we can not meet face to face to the people we will give the message.

short message adalah pesan yang dibuat secara singkat untuk menyampaikan sesuatu kepada orang lain agar orang tersebut melakukan atau tidak melakukan sesuatu. pesan singkat ini biasanya kita buat karena kita tidak bisa bertemu secara langsung kepada orang yang akan kita beri pesan tersebut. ( sumber dari : http://enes-ainenglish.blogspot.com/2011/01/short-message-pesan-singkat.html ).

Dibawah ini contoh short message untukmu! :)

Dear Rachuel,
sorry I went too early, your breakfast is in the fridge, dont forget to warm it in the microwave, and dont be late for school
Sincerely, Mom

To : Shopie
I’m and Mommy went to shopping, I’m sorry I’m not waiting you, your meals is in the cupboard, dont forget to warm it in the microvawe, and dont forget to your english course at 03 PM.
By your sister, Lhiana

For my Mom
I’m sorry, today i come home late because there are additional lessons in school. I hope you allow me to follow it.
By your son, Edward

Dear Tiara,
I’ve just got news that our grandfather passed away one hour ago. We are going to leave for Klaten soon to attend the funeral.
Please be here before 7 P.M
Sincerely, Annie

Dear Anthoni,
I need your help to buy a dictionary for me. I cant do it because I must followed a Basketball practice at school. Thanks in advanced.
By your brother, Lucky

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